Installation View, Gallery Dohl, Seoul, South Korea, 2017

The Sun, Moon, Five Peaks, Apartments and Motorways

Pen on paper mounted on folding screen/병풍
257 x 155.5 cm

This work is based on perhaps the most iconic of South Koreas historical paintings. Commonly presented on folding screens, the painting of the Moon, Sun and Five Peaks (a painting with no one specific author or exact visual outcome, but reproducible by all) is a homage to the pristine nature and culture of Korea. Today the painting can be found almost everywhere, on street walls, postcards etc. In our version we have tried to respect the original motifs while making contemporary updates. Blocking the once stunning landscape is today a never-ending, countrywide mass of concrete apartment towers, highways and smog clouds. In addition, our version is painted with budget marker pens with the intention of reflecting the changed values in Korean society. The cheap paint will within some years start to fade away, just like most of the built environment.

국립중앙박물관에 전시되어있는 일월오봉도를 바탕으로 현재 한국의 산수를 타고 흐르는 고속도로와 아파트로 잠식된 압도적인 풍경을 재현한 작품이다. 펜으로 그려진 이 6폭 병풍은 고속으로 성장한 한국의 실질적 풍경이기도 하고 자동차와 아파트를 소비하도록 계획된 경제구조가 만들어낸 풍경이기도 하다. 오염이나 난개발과 거리가 먼 <일월오봉도>의 원본이 만들어졌을 당시의 아름다운 강산과 독특한 민족 문화를 박물관에 전시되어 있는 일월오봉도를 통해 상상해보며, 그리 오래 가지 않을 마커펜으로 오늘날의 산수를 그려본다.