You Are Where You Live
당신이 사는 곳이 당신을 말해줍니다

Ink on paper, 족자 Scroll
9 parts

This series of calligraphy works consists of ‘high-class’ brand names of apartment buildings written out on traditional Korean silk scrolls.

The absolute majority of all new apartment construction in Korea follows the exact same construction techniques, style and materials, and they are built by a handful of conglomerates (such as Samsung, Hyundai, Lotte). The end result is a staggeringly monotonous landscape, and to an untrained eye they all look all the same. But the social importance of which apartment complex one lives in is paramount. The branding of the complexes is what marks the biggest difference, and the names used are always European languages(English, French and some German), or completely nonsensical english-sounding words. In our works we have only made use of the most posh brands, for example Xi-Presidence - made up by combining the words eXtra+Intelligence = Xi, and Prestige+Residence = Presidence. are where you live_compilation.jpg
You Are Where You Live_The H Classest, 50 x 101 cm
You Are Where You Live_Xi Presidence, 50 x 122.5 cm
You Are Where You Live_The Sharp, 50 x 100 cm
You Are Where You Live_Prugio Summit, 50 x 116,5 cm
You Are Where You Live_Lotte Castle, 50 x 110 cm
You Are Where You Live_Blesstige, 50 x 112,5 cm
You Are Where You Live_Acro River Park, 50 x 141,5 cm
You Are Where You Live_I Park, 50 x 108,5 cm
You Are Where You Live_Hill State, 50 x 123 cm