Korean/Finnish artist duo


Ikkuna Itään (Window to the East)_ Version 1
동창 (東窓)_버전 1

Mixed media
226.5 x 119.5 cm

For Westerners, East means the Far East countries. From a Korean perspective, however, the USA (read: the West) is situated in the East.

The post war existence of South Korea relies heavily on the USA in economical, military and cultural terms. So much so that “the West” has basically become a synonym for the USA. And it is the idealization of the West that has guided the total cultural transformation of the country – A country that on the one hand suffers from a cultural inferiority complex and does its everything to resemble the “better” culture of the West. On the other it is almost manically proud over its own unique culture. In this work we aim to underline this absurd reality, and provoke the audience to reflect thereabout. Therefore, in this piece we make use of the traditional Korean window frame its design, materials and patterns, and forcefully turn them into an American flag.