Way(s) of Seeing

Seeing is always an act of recognising, and therefore it inevitably builds on what we have already seen and experienced. The images that surround us work in the same way, the build on a long history of image making. In the case of commercial images – which form the core of our project – the case is the same, but more sinister: The desire evoking, consumerist provoking images that dominate our world are studied and designed to the most precise detail.

The aim of this project is to question how this “building on” works, and how it affects what we see.

The material for our work is found in public imagery, the uncalled for superficial images of our surroundings, both online and offline. Instead of producing images aimed at touching the personal emotions of the viewer in a new way, we draw upon existing modes of doing so. We re-document and re-assemble what we see in those desire-oriented images, present in our everyday environment, in order to question our way(s) of seeing.

Nana & Felix work together, with, and against each other. The process starts from an image, a piece of advertisement. Through a photographic play, Felix reproduces and distorts the image with the aim of questioning to which extent the image is representational. By mixing photographs that he has made with photographs he has reproduced and images he has found the boundary between referent and representation gets even fuzzier. Nana then cuts and freely assembles his photographs. Nana’s reconstructions are another attempt to translate the same repetitive nature of the image while she at the same time naturally questions the ontological state of Nybergh´s photographs.