Korean/Finnish artist duo



The title of this project is borrowed from the commonly used (Finnish) abbreviation of Social Media. The abbreviation, unintentionally, also happens to form the English words So and Me.

In this project we try to make sense of the commercial, uncalled for superficial images of our surroundings. We study how these images take shape, how they function and the impact they have on us. Dealing with images found in our day-to-day life we are very interested in how these images affect how and what we see, and how they help mould ourselves and our surroundings.

The raw material for our artworks is found in public (commercial) imagery, both online and offline. We concentrate on images that are designed to touch personal emotions, images that are designed to make us feel and act in accordance with the will of their creators.

We position ourselves at the intersection between public, commercial images and private, self- expressing images. From this vantage point we collect images of all sorts and in different ways. For example, we photographically document street advertisements and download publicly uploaded pictures from Social Media networks. We then dissect the images. We reproduce, borrow, repeat, mimic, cut up and reassemble the images. This results in works made out of photographs with photographs as subject matter, without the works themselves actually being photographical.

Our aim is to explore, and try to make sense of, the immensely complex relation between images and life. We examine to what degree we make and design images, introducing the uncomfortable possibility of seeing this relation inverted. Consequently, we pose the same question concerning our surroundings: To which extent do photographs depict our surroundings, and to which extent do our surroundings simply imitate photographs?