Korean/Finnish artist duo


a series of small, three dimensional works made out of exhibition invitations.

These pieces will be hung on the walls, distributed around the entire gallery space. The sculptural assemblages are made of exhibition flyers that we have collected during the years. We chose to work with the exhibition flyers as they often are the only physical remnant of any exhibition. Reassembling the flyers into new works is our homage to past exhibitions, great art that has been all but forgotten.

http://www.nana-felix.com/files/gimgs/th-64_Artefacts_Exhibition invitations of Jyrki Parantainen and others_A History of Art series_19 x18x1_5cm_mixed media_2018.jpg
ARTEFACTS_Exhibition invitations of Jyrki Parantainen and others, 19x18x1.5cm, mixed media, 2018
http://www.nana-felix.com/files/gimgs/th-64_Artefacts_Exhibition invitations of Christian Langenskiöld_A HISTORY OF ART series_15x21cm_exhibition leaflets_2018.jpg
ARTEFACTS_Exhibition invitations of Christian Langenskiöld, 15x21cm, Mixed media, 2018
ARTEFACTS_Exhibition invitations of Olivia Glebbeek and others, 15x10x3 cm, Mixed media, 2018
http://www.nana-felix.com/files/gimgs/th-64_Artefacts_Exhibition invitations at Piramidón Centre dArt Contemporani_A HISTORY OF ART series_ 22x27_5x2cm_exhibition leaflets_2018_v2.jpg
ARTEFACTS_Exhibition invitations at Piramidón Centre d'Art Contemporani, 22x27.5x2cm, mixed media, 2018
ARTEFACTS_Exhibition invitations of Jeeyang Lee and others, 15x15x5cm, mixed media, 2018