Artist Statement

Nana (Hwanhee Kim, 1980, South Korea) & Felix (Felix Nybergh, 1985, Finland) are an artist duo working together since 2012. Originally trained as a painter and a photographer respectively, we carry out projects in a wide range of different media, often in series, such as drawings, texts, photographs, video, three dimensional works, sound installation, etc. The main focus of our work has been on the ways in which images are constructed, and more importantly the role the images play in constructing the surrounding social and cultural environment in which we live and work. We often employ a photographical language, in a straightforward documentational manner, mixed with a touch of irony.

In our first two projects and we explore how photographs are deployed in order to manipulate the public. Both projects focus on authoritative images, such as those used by law enforcement and the advertisement industry. By mimicking, recreating and repositioning, the projects expose the absurd nature of the image. Our recent projects and have been carried out between the years 2015 and 2018, when we lived in South Korea. Conditioned by the peculiar history of this country, both projects deal with a bizarre version of cultural appropriation. We have examined how a national project has been developed based on a foreign, misinterpreted and misunderstood imagery. Our response to such imagery resulted in producing a series of works disguised as a traditional art.

As visual artists, we aspire to expand our understanding of the ways our lives as both artists and citizens unfold within the society we are living in. All of our projects, both past and future, always try to challenge our own prejudices, processing them with honesty, irony and humility.