Stream Line 하천가
2021 -
multi channel video, sound
size and duration variable

This multi-channel audiovisual installation follows the rivers and streams that flow in and out of the metropolitan area of Seoul. The concrete cladded rivers, surrounded by high risers, overcast with multiple lane highways and metro bridges, lead us through a quintessentially human landscape.

In making Stream Line we have documented these landscapes in two separate ways. Visually we have followed the water, filming the concrete structures the uphold this vast system. The audio recordings focus on the sounds produced along the rivers: the rhythms, echoes and noises of flowing water, animals, humans, traffic etc.

In the final installation we mix these two landscapes creating a new landscape that is simultaneously familiar and uncanny. Stream Line is a homage to the melancholic beauty of landscapes that only humans can produce.

A video of the installation at Posco Museum of Art can be seen here