Installation View,, Berlin, Germany, 2021

SEL2020HEL Diary
2020 - 2021
12 filebinders,
each approx. 35x235x170mm

All together in protective case:
approx. 460x235x170 mm

Digital prints, Inkjet Prints, Pen on paper, file binder, protective case

Editions of 30 + A.P 2
numbered and signed

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The artist book SEL2020HEL Diary chronicles the year 2020. Documenting the making of a yearlong series of date paintings in which the daily air quality readings of Helsinki and Seoul translate into colour, the diary mixes personal events with global, unfolding as a one-year time-scape.

A year ago, as we were starting the working process, we knew that the project would demand full dedication of the entire year, entailing near complete social isolation. What we did not know was that a global pandemic would force pretty much the entire world into similar conditions. In an odd and surprising way, SEL2020HEL Diary became a documentation of a pandemic – seen through air quality.